"The most successful independent promotion company in the history of the record business!"

SpeciaIizing in CHR-Top 40-Alternative and Hot AC formats.

Consulting, music promotion and marketing
Digital music delivery, distribution and downloads
Radio airplay, on-air and website promotion
Song testing, program director feedback from some of the best stations in the USA

See why major record labels, artists and managers have called us first for over 30 years!

All music must be reviewed by our staff to determine the scope and expectations of the project.

For more information (station lists, fees, etc.) please contact us directly.

  5963 Lester Road
  Cincinnati OH 45213
  p: (513) 474-4904
  f: (513) 474-4905

  William Scull, Founder
  Jim Stacy, VP of Airplay and Promotion ~ jstacy@tspromo.com
  Mike Landis, Owner/Operations Manager ~ mlandis@tspromo.com / landisatwork@yahoo.com
  Craig Diable, VP of Promotion ~ cdiable@zoomtown.com



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